Open Mon-Sat from 11AM-9PM (Mon-Thu break 3-4PM)

The Kazu

Homemade spicy pork broth with chashu, sliced grilled chicken, black garlic, kikurage mushroom, seasoned egg, and bean sprouts served with straight noodles and topped with green onions.


Homemade pork broth with chashu, kikurage mushroom, bean sprouts, and seasoned egg served with straight noodles topped with green onions.


Chicken broth with sliced grilled chicken, corn, seasoned egg, and seaweed served with wavy noodles topped with green onions.


Chicken Broth with wavy noodles, corn, seasoned egg, and green onions topped with chicken katsu.

Spicy Miso

Miso flavored pork broth with chashu, Corn, Seaweed, seasoned Egg, Bean sprouts served with wavy noodles topped with Green onions.

& much more...

if ramen’s not your thing, we’ve got other traditional dishes from teriyaki to Katsu, from takoyaki to sushi rolls. Plus a selection of japanese sake and Beer.